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Finding Your Perfect Temperature: A Proven Method for Solving "Too Hot" and "Too Cold" Issues"

Do you notice inconsistencies in the temperature from room to room in your residence or business?

It doesn’t make sense to heat or cool you’re your entire house if you’re only using one room. With Air Star Now, we offer a zoning system that allows you to divide your home’s ductwork into specific zones that can be controlled independently for heating or cooling. These systems use a series of dampers, thermostats, and control panels to regulate the temperature and air flow within each zone. This means you can have one zone for the bedrooms, another for the family room, and a third for the kitchen. You can even control, hard-to-heat- or cool areas, such as an addition to your home, with ease. 

This type of system is designed to increase energy efficiency and comfort by allowing homeowners to customize the temperature in each zone based on their specific needs and preferences. Additionally, residential zoning systems can help to reduce energy costs by limiting heating and cooling to only the areas of the home that are currently in use.

Say goodbye to wasted energy and uncomfortable temperatures throughout your home or business with a zoning system.

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