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Meet the Owners

Billy and Perla make the perfect team at Air Star! Perla manages the office side, while Billy leads the technicians out in the field. They work together at the office and outside of the office. They keep themselves busy as they share 5 kids together from previous marriages. They like to travel and eat at local food places in Houston. They are always up for a new adventure when time allows it.

Billy, a native of Houston, gained his skills in the HVAC industry under the guidance of his father, who owned a small HVAC company. After gaining valuable experience there, he furthered his expertise working for a commercial HVAC company for four years. His journey led him to a government contract in Afghanistan, where he tackled various trades including air conditioning, plumbing, electrical work, and custom fabrication. Upon his return, he joined forces with his father for nearly 15 years before venturing out to establish his own venture, Air Star. With over 26 years of hands-on experience, Billy's knack for finding solutions, coupled with his empathetic demeanor and strong leadership, ensures success for his team. His vision is, for Air Star to cultivate enduring relationships with customers based on referrals and integrity-driven work. Billy's commitment to delivering exceptional experiences underscores every interaction at Air Star.

Perla is also a native Houstonian, hails from a family who immigrated to Houston from a small town in Mexico in the late 1980s. She grew up in Pasadena and moved to the Clear Lake area after graduating high school to continue her education while also working two jobs to pay for college. In 2015, she earned her bachelor's degree in business at the University of Houston - Clear Lake. With nearly two decades of experience in customer service, she began her professional journey in the oil & gas industry for nearly a decade before transitioning to a chemical plant for four years. Joining the Air Star team in 2023, Perla's grounded demeanor and exceptional communication skills have positioned her to lead the customer service representatives, fostering enduring relationships with Air Star customers for many years to come. 

Supporting family owned and operated businesses holds greater significance in today’s economic landscape. These enterprises not only offer distinctive products and services but also deliver personalized customer care unmatched by large corporations. By opting to patronize such businesses, you’re not just investing in your local community but also in the livelihoods of hardworking entrepreneurs striving to support their families. 

Did you know that favoring family-owned businesses over corporate giants can significantly impact your local economy? When you choose us, you’re directly contributing to the economic health of your community, fostering job creation among familiar faces. Moreover, more than 40% of these businesses are owned by women, so your support translates into empowerment for female entrepreneurs to expand their ventures. Embracing local shopping and endorsing family-owned enterprises is a mutually beneficial choice for all parties involved. 

 Your purchase extends beyond a mere transaction; it serves as an investment in the vitality and prosperity of your community. So, the next time you require a product or service, bypass the impersonal corporate chains and instead, support your amicable neighborhood family-owned establishment. 


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“These guys are the real deal. They deserve every penny they charge for the work and professionalism they do. Thank you thank you thank you!!” - Brian M.C.