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When your home’s heating or cooling system unexpectedly stops working, it can be a stressful experience. At Air Star Now , we are here to help you when you need us most. We provide 24/7 emergency HVAC services in Houston and the surrounding areas. Our team of experienced, licensed, and highly trained technicians can quickly diagnose the problem and provide an effective solution.

Do you need emergency HVAC services in Houston or the surrounding areas? Contact Air Star Now  at (713) 597-4457 for an appointment.

What to Do in a Heating or Cooling Emergency

It is important to have a plan in place in case your heating or cooling system stops working. You can count on us for the emergency HVAC in Houston that you need to get your system back up and running again.

Here are a few things to do if you are dealing with a heating or cooling emergency:

  • Stay calm: It can be easy to panic, but it is important to stay calm. Remember to breathe and know that our team is here to help you.
  • Check the thermostat: Sometimes, the issue is as simple as the thermostat needing new batteries or being set to the wrong setting. Check the thermostat to make sure the system is set to the correct temperature.
  • Check the circuit breaker: If the system is not turning on at all, the circuit breaker may have tripped. Check the circuit breaker box and reset it if necessary.
  • Call for help: If the system isn’t turning on or is not working properly, it is time to call for help. We are available to take your call 24/7 and can dispatch a technician to your home as soon as possible.

When to Call for Emergency HVAC Services

Not all heating and cooling problems are emergencies. However, certain situations require immediate attention from a qualified technician. This includes when it is very hot or cold outside when there is a member of the household who is elderly, ill, or has a compromised immune system, or when there are young children or infants in the home.

Some common heating and cooling emergencies include:

  • No heat in the winter
  • Low airflow from vents
  • Unusually high energy bills
  • Strange smells or sounds coming from the system
  • Water pooling around the system
  • Blowing warm air in the summer
  • Blowing cool air in the winter
  • Thermostat problems

What to Expect from Our Emergency HVAC Technicians

When you call Air Star Now for emergency HVAC services in Houston or the nearby areas, you can count on us to treat you and your home with respect. We wear shoe covers to protect your floors and clean up after ourselves when the job is complete. We also offer 100% satisfaction and a 10-year warranty on all new installations.

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At Air Star Now , we are dedicated to providing fast, reliable emergency HVAC services in Houston and the nearby areas. We understand that when your heating or cooling system stops working, you want it fixed as soon as possible. Our team is available to take your call 24/7, and we can dispatch a technician to your home as soon as possible.

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